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J-rock items for sale~

Hey everyone~

I have like 2 weeks to get all this stuff sold… Prices have been slashed and if you’d rather make an offer on a particular item, please feel free.

Books/Magazines: KAT-TUN, The GazettE, Alice Nine, HERO, CindyKate, Hana Shounen Baddies, Dog in the PWO, And, Unsraw, Sadie, born, DaizyStripper, NightingeiL, Megamaso, chariots, Moran, Zoro, An Cafe, Dolly, LM.C, Mucc, SUGIZO, and more

Posters: The GazettE, SuG, Nightmare, Ayabie, LM.C, Plastic Tree

Flyers: ViViD, Vizel, DragonWAPPPPPPER, Crazy☆Shampoo, The Sound Bee HD, BLACK CAT, XI~sai~, RED UNIVERSE, OUROBOROS, Vanish, V-last., Julie, Royz, Suicide Ali, LUNA SEA

Please check stuff out over here at my LiveJournal!